Family photo outfits

Family Photo Outfits

What to wear for your family photos

Family photo outfits

Family photo outfits have always been a challenge and a pain point for most families I work with. I thought this guide would be best to help you get some family photo outfit ideas! Moreover, This guide will also help make it easy, and most importantly, let the kids be comfortable and express themselves freely! 

The most important part of family photo outfit ideas is to be your selves, your family, and your unique style! Gone are the days of matching white turtle necks in a field (unless you want to do this as a joke I am totally on board!)

Family Photo outfit ideas

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Deep breath, Family photo outfits can be easy!

First let’s start off with some ground rules, this will help guide you each step of the way!

Be comfortable and confident

Wear clothing that you are comfortable and confident in; this goes doubly true for kiddos. If they are itching at collars or fiddling with strings, it will show in the photos.

Get the kid’s input, maybe basketball shorts aren’t appropriate, but if they have a favorite nice shirt or dress, let them choose! Empowering them to make choices will help in life (and in your photos too!)

Avoid bright colors and busy patterns

Cameras don’t understand neon colors well making photographing your family difficult. Busy patterns tend to clash or draw the eye in your photos. We want these photos to be about you and your family! not the floral print dress! This means that if one person is wearing a busy pattern, they will likely be the focal point of the image, even if that isn’t the intent.

Leave out excessive jewelry and logos

Your family is the focal point, not Polo, Ralph, Or Gucci. They are great don’t get me wrong, but logos and companies change over time dating your photos. Lots of men’s shirts have logos. No worries, small logos are easily removed while editing.

Jewelry, while it is not as easily dated as logos, it can draw away from your family being the center of attention. Aim for simple, understated Jewelry or the most meaningful pieces for you and your family.

Family Photo Outfit Ideas

Here are some photos of families who really took their family outfits to a new level! 

Family photo outfit ideas

Simple and Casual but a pop of color for the boys shoes! A theme is great but not matching is awesome!

Family Photo outfit ideas

Colorado mountain town vibes with western hats and jeans

Family photo outfit ideas

Early fall and the grass was turning gold, they chose colors that would compliment but contrasted with the scenery! 

Family of 5 sitting in a field

100% style, 100% comfortable, these outfits are what this family wears every day, but just one step up. 

Want to see some more examples? Check out my portfolio!

Want some more guidance?

Read on for some more tips and tricks to look your best and feel great!

Mother daughter and dad walking in a field
What you normally wear, but one step above that.

If your family are a “jeans and tee-shirt” family that’s great! But take it one step above and have everyone wear jeans and a button-down shirt or blouse. Do the boys all wear basketball shorts? Try some nice-looking shorts and a simple colored Tee shirt.

Play with simple patterns and layers.

Another great way to spice up everyone’s outfits is by adding layers. Layers allow you to remove pieces for different looks without worrying about a complete outfit change. Go for jackets, cardigans, or even accessories like scarves and hats that you can easily take on and off.

Try on your clothes ahead of time.

Be sure to have everyone try on their outfits well before your family portrait session, especially if they’re new clothes. Make sure that everything looks good together and each style is suited to each member of your family. You can all wear different fits as long as it’s flattering to your body type. Remember that a fitted outfit looks much better than a loose one.


While Most family Photography sessions are not a hike up a 14’r (I’ve done it, but it was a tough day for everyone!), we will be walking, chasing the kids, sitting, standing, etc. Make sure you can move comfortably in your clothing.

Movement doesn’t just mean you can move, but the movement of your clothing can be good too! a nice flowing sundress can add some great movement to your photos and bring a bit of life!

Complimentary, not matchy-matchy.

Navy and Rust, Burgundy and forest green. This doesn’t mean each person needs to wear red pants and a green shirt, instead, it helps guide you through clothing; someone has burgundy pants, someone else can wear navy pants, etc!

It takes a little planning, but I’m always here to help! Feel free to email or text a selfie, or lay your clothing options out on the bed and snap a photo. I’m more than happy to share my advice on styling!

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